About Us

The Gwiddle Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales, with the overarching mission of advancing and promoting high quality Computer Science education around the world. It provides a wide variety of services to students, teachers, and young people.

We provide a free playground for over a thousand students to practice their web development skills and show their peers their work, using industry leading software that they will be exposed to in working life. We are also actively designing and developing an online and offline tutoring service – full courses, group sessions and one-to-one mentoring will be available online, and our volunteers will be available to run sessions in schools and youth clubs around the world.

Come and help us develop the future of education in the IT sector – find out about how you can volunteer.

Meet the team

Joshua – Trustee, Systems Administrator

I’m just a person with an interest in computers and science! I run Gwiddle with all of these amazing other people that you can read about below. I normally put out the fires and answer your emails. Please do feel free to get in touch!

Ellie – Trustee

James – Head of Support

When I’m not writing Gwiddle documentation or making things for my various projects, you can find me geocaching in the countryside or messing with old electronics. I’m a avid coffee addict.

I’m the main documentation author, so if you have any suggestions for something I can add, please don’t hesitate to put them forward!

Aaron – Security Engineer

I’m Aaron, a security enthusiast and a student full-stack web and software developer running Arch Linux. I’m committed to ensuring others can receive the same opportunity to learn that I got from Gwiddle.

Andrew – Artist (Marketing)

Luke – Support Technician

Alex – Design and Development